2012 and Beyond: The book by Laurence James Lucas

The Truth about 2012

 The truth about 2012, from our perspective, is that it
signifies the awakening of Earth within the cosmos—it
heralds a ‘cosmic initiation’. The single most important
message of 2012 is the expansion of consciousness
toward the galactic frequency. The human experience
of this frequency is diverse and kaleidoscopic, with an
attendant explosion of information, and can best
be understood in conjunction with the
Enchantments of Life model.

Since the beginning of recorded history, human consciousness has been locked inside the Earth’s electromagnetic aura. The 2012 effect is now unlocking that structure. The universal experience for humanity of this 2012 effect is an increasing sense of the ‘mystery’. As the background context of social reality shifts to a planetary and cosmic stage, there is a subconscious awareness of a new adventure—the adventure of life on Earth as a totality, as well as the adventure of life and consciousness beyond Earth.

The current Mayan Long Count calendar cycle of 13-baktun ends on the Winter Solstice, 21 December, 2012. This has given rise to many, often apocalyptic, theories about ‘the end of time’. However, after many years of research in the area, my firm conviction is that the end of this current cycle, and the whole 2012 era, offers us the opportunity to transform the frequency our consciousness towards the galactic—more specifically, towards a planetary consciousness and a planetary civilization. The Earth as a living totality is being recalibrated; therefore our global society is in the process of transformation. This means that our psychology and our DNA is changing within the context of an awakening within the Earth’s environment.

(Extract from the book)

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