2012 and Beyond: The book by Laurence James Lucas

The Book
2012 and Beyond:
Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness
by Laurence James Lucas

This book is not just about the so-called end date of the Winter Solstice 2012,
as derived from the Mayan Long Count calendar. More, it is about the 2012 effect,
the 2012 era and what flows from the 2012 phenomenon into the future.
This book is designed to accompany you on your journey of understanding before,
during and after the 2012 end date. In it, I explain how and why the
psychic landscape is changing and I state my case that we are heading towards
a planetary consciousness as part of the evolutionary imperative.

History of the Book

2012 and Beyond grew gradually out of my shamanic and visionary exploration of the Maya, their shamanic culture and their calendrical systems, a quest that began for me in the early 1990s. The first version of this publication was a much smaller handout that accompanied our ‘Truth about 2012’ workshop in Hong Kong in 2008. We have added to it each year since then, more than doubling its size this spring.

The current incarnation of the '2012 and Beyond' seminar, for which this book was originally produced, is now a full-day intensive that covers all the topics discussed in the book, including high-energy interstellar plasma; the history of the Maya, their calendars, numerical systems and shamanic culture; the most pertinent current theories about 2012, including John Major Jenkins’ galactic alignment; the Tortuguero Prophecy; an introduction to the Enchantments of Life map and its relevance to the 2012 effect; the astrology and filmography of 2012; and a discussion of planetary consciousness and where we are heading as a species.

Guide to the Book

Part 1 of the book, The Cosmic Influx: A Catalyst for Planetary Consciousness, sets the scene by introducing interstellar plasma and cosmic energies. This section provides the fundamental understanding of why the '2012 effect' is not just some flaky, speculative New Age fantasy, but is a phenomenon grounded firmly in scientific findings. Laurence’s contention is that plasma, closely interrelated with electromagnetic fields, is the conduit for consciousness.


  • Plasma: The Fundamental State of Matter
  • Filtering Cosmic Energy

In Part 2, The 2012 Story, we discuss where the 2012 end date comes from, examining the extraordinarily accurate, interlocking calendars of the Maya, as well as their astronomical awareness, their culture and history and their mathematical and numerical systems. We also look at the connection between involution (the soul’s journey into matter) and Venus, a planet of great significance to the Maya.


  • Decoding the Date
  • The Maya and Their Calendars
  • Numbers and the Frequency of Time
  • Involution, Venus and the Tzolkin

Part 3, The Expansion of Consciousness towards the Galactic Frequency, examines the cosmology of the Maya and the most pertinent theories about 2012, namely John Major Jenkins’ galactic alignment and the idea of ascension.


  • Galactic Alignment
  • Ascension
  • Towards a New Consciousness

Part 4, Applying the Mayan Perspective in Today's World, explains perspective, perception and the reframing of myth and imagination. We also consider what is known as the Tortuguero Prophecy and how this might be interpreted today from the Mayan perspective. We start to weave together all we have learnt thus far in Parts 1 to 3.


  • Weaving the Tapestry: The Ouroboros of Time, Myth and Imagination
  • The Tortuguero Prophecy
  • Opportunity Knocks

Part 5, The Enchantments of Life and 2012, introduces Laurence's groundbreaking integral map of the evolution of human consciousness, which explains the multilevelled structure of the human species as an integral part of the planetary system, along with its corresponding array of perspectives. If we can see exactly what it is that is being influenced by the incoming cosmic energy, we can then understand the 2012 effect more clearly.


  • Enchantments of Life: First View
  • Enchantments of Life: Second View
  • The Structure of Complexity

Part 6, The Astrology of 2012, presents a concise and enticing summary of the main indicators in the Winter Solstice 2012 astrological chart, set for Izapa, the town closest to the home of the Maya Long Count calendar. This section also introduces an important part of Laurence’s research—Filmography, the study of popular films as an expression of the mythic bedrock of the collective psyche.


  • Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus square Pluto
  • The Yod: The Finger of God
  • Venus: The Allure of the Heart
  • Pholus: The Intoxicator
  • The Moon’s North Node: The Direction of the Chart
  • Sedna: The Doorkeeper to a Great Expanse
  • The Sabian Symbols for the Planets in the 2012 Chart

Part 7, Scales of Consciousness, makes the case that planetary consciousness is a stage of consciousness that grows organically out of the developmental levels of the human species system. Planetary consciousness is the ‘destination’ that we are being magnetized towards. This leads us to examine chakras, endocrine glands and newly discovered planetary bodies with their attendant consciousness, as well as the idea that ‘reality is what we agree to.


  • Planetary Consciousness Is on the Horizon

With a special addition: Timeline of the Emergence of Complexity

Part 8, Cornucopia, is just that, a cornucopia of extra articles—some of which specifically develop and consolidate earlier sections of the book—images, poems and recommendations for further reading and research, all of which will deepen and expand your understanding.


  • Are You Listening to the Tune of Your Life?
  • The Holosphere
  • The Toroid
  • A Perspective on Pluto
  • The Shadow
  • A Date with Creation
  • The World Post-2012
  • Recommended Further Reading and Research

Review by Geoff Stray

Geoff Stray is an international speaker and bestselling author of Beyond 2012 Catastrophe or Ecstacy (US edition subtitle: Catastrophe or Awakening), who has been researching the subject of the year 2012 since 1982. Geoff's website is the most comprehensive database available on 2012.

Parts 1 to 4 were easy to read and very enjoyable, since I love the Mayan stuff. The Enchantments and Astrology sections were more difficult, but I got into it... actually I really like your take on the planets’ discoveries initiating states of consciousness and film as myth. And it was good to hear your perspectives on Bolon Yokte too. Overall it was very thought-provoking, and I like the format and quality—easy to fold back on itself and keep your place, lovely pics.
Thanks too for the references to my work (and for naming it after my book!).”

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