2012 and Beyond: The book by Laurence James Lucas

2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness

Out of the myriad New Age, new thinking books being published, so many will probably be forgotten. Laurence James Lucas’ new 2012 and Beyond book is one of the few that really stands out.
Thoroughly researched, the material keeps you hooked from beginning to end,
as you journey through the astrological, energetic and human implications of the post–2012 era
we are all about to hurtle straight into.

Entertaining, scientific and historic, as well as mystical and highly inspirational, this well-written book together with its photography and artwork will also act as a key to open your own consciousness
and leave you in no doubt we have already entered this new reality and paradigm shift.

Jane Butterworth, Healer, Teacher, Psychic; UK

2012 and Beyond really drew me in; it’s way ahead of its time! The level of research is phenomenal and is correlated in a way that is accessible to everyone. I recommend this book to anyone interested in this fascinating subject.
I just couldn’t put it down…

Theresa Webb, Hong Kong

It is Laurence's innate understanding of not just individual purpose,
but humanity as a whole that informs his written work.
I have never read a book before that I so instinctively felt was right until I read
2012 and Beyond.

His writing will help you make sense of the world—it is intelligently written
and a refreshing palliative to the supremacist attitudes that unfortunately rule the day.
I implore people to open their minds to his ideas—by doing so they will truly benefit humanity.

All truth passes through three stages:
First it is ridiculed.
Second it is violently opposed.
Third it is accepted as being self evident
(Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860)
Charlotte Jackson; UK

I've been dipping into your 2012 and Beyond book.
The content is ‘meaty’ and I’m so glad that I did the workshop,
as it made the whole thing much more accessible.

I love the layout of the book and all the visuals, they’re really helpful.
It's the kind of book that I will dip into on a regular basis
and keep coming back to parts of it as the year unfolds.

It’s always a joy to come to one of your workshop days.

Melody Croft, UK

Thanks for the book Laurence, I enjoyed it very much.
Very interesting, solid information and right to the point, covering a broad area of what is happening now—just the kind of writing for this day and age. 

I like the style you write; even a layman like me
understands, if not all, most of it. And it is definitely
worth reading again a couple more times.
I look forward to your second book

Sylvia Ho, Hong Kong

... I really like your take on the planets’ discoveries initiating states of consciousness and film as myth. And it was good to hear your perspectives on Bolon Yokte too. Overall it was very thought-provoking,
and I like the format and quality—easy to fold back on itself and keep your place, lovely pics.

Geoff Stray, bestselling author of Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy and international speaker

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