2012 and Beyond: The book by Laurence James Lucas

If you would like to organize a seminar for your group (minimum 6 people) please contact me. I am available in Hong Kong now
and will be in the UK for Spring 2013.

The Seminar
2012 and Beyond: Transformation of the Psychic Landscape and the Emerging Planetary Consciousness

Winter Solstice 2012 is now only a matter of days away. Is this really ‘the end of time’?
Or is it the beginning of something new?

We are delighted to present a full-day intensive seminar that offers a profound understanding of the Mayan end date and which will help you connect to what is ending and what is being born.

Our planet and the whole of humanity are now in the midst of a great evolutionary drama. Drawing upon the diversity of his own experience, as well as that of other experts in the field of 20:12 and Mayanism, Laurence James Lucas presents a deep and uncommon synthesis of this momentous era. Laurence will introduce you to the Maya as a doorway that links the archaic past with the
science-fiction future.

Come to be informed about the changing nature of your world, the challenges and the enormous universal opportunity inherent in this era we are living through.

The ancient Mayan cosmology and culture has given rise to a modern-day intoxication, spawning a host of oft-creative prophetic and apocalyptic theories. In this exciting exploration into the shift of epochs suggested by the Mayan Long Count calendar—with its completion of a 26,000-year ‘Galactic Cycle’—Laurence introduces the Maya and their culture, calendars, extraordinary use of numbers and mysterious measurements of time. This seminar focuses on how the Mayan Calendar effect translates into the modern context of the world as it is today.

The psychic landscape is changing. In this 2012 era, we are expanding our horizons to a much larger perception and experience of reality. This can be likened to shifting levels in a video game—as we start on a new level, we have to learn new skills.

The newly emerging psychic-psychological-sociological-geopolitical landscape of reality is challenging and there is a need to face up to the challenge, rather than merely wishing for instant ease. But that is not to say that we need to accept unnecessary hardship or lack of opportunity...

The energy of the creative element of human consciousness is increasing dramatically and this requires a greater attention. The astrology chart of the 2012 Winter Solstice Mayan end date clearly shows that our challenge is to look at the shadow of the world. Liberation in the 2012 era comes with an ability to look at dark truths, but with some detachment and lightness. The game is on; your ability to perceive and envisage the world around you is the commodity of this era.

Will you be an agent for the evolution of human consciousness? Are you prepared to look unconditionally at the multiple potentials of timeliness on our horizon?

Come along and be prepared to interact, to ask questions and to push boundaries. Illuminate the world with your willingness to ask big questions. Come away with an expanded, multilevelled perception of this extraordinary and very relevant phenomenon.

Be a part of the emerging planetary consciousness.

Structure of the Seminar

This seminar can be presented either as a full-day event or over two days.

  • Introduction to the 2012 phenomenon and the cosmic influx
  • The 2012 story; the Maya and their culture, calendars and mathematics; the galactic alignment
  • The Timeline, the Enchantments of Life and the Holosphere; a walk through the Solar System
  • The astrology chart of 2012 and the filmography of the era
  • Informal open time for questions and further exploration in the group.

Laurence James Lucas and 2012

Laurence James Lucas’ own studies into the Maya, their calendars and the 2012 era began in the early 1990s. He has been teaching the implications of 2012 and how to follow the 260-day Mayan Sacred calendar since 1995. Laurence’s experiential investigation into the energies of 2012 includes visions, rituals and decades of research.

His connection to the Maya first awakened on receiving inspired messages during a shamanic vision quest in 1993, after which he undertook an intensive, six-month exploratory adventure in the temple sites of the Classic Mayan jungle areas of Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras, utilizing shamanic energy in the temples and jungle pyramids. While on a mountain in Mexico, he had a vision of the world post-2012, featuring a world capital city he believed to be somewhere in China.

Since then, he has integrated shamanism, astrology, sociology and psychology, giving birth to his model of the Enchantments of Life, which enables a sophisticated understanding of the 2012 era and the emerging planetary consciousness.

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